Decorating our homes with treasured heirlooms and new keepsakes is one of the best parts of the holiday season. To add to the fun this winter, you can select a new nativity figurine or some snowman figurines to add to your collection. These types of collectibles figures can be saved and used from year to year, allowing you to add to your collection as you wish. You can also give these figurines as gifts to your family and friends, in order to help them build an existing collection or start a new collection.

You can add a new nativity figurine to your current nativity set to fill it out when you display it around Christmastime. Many people host parties during holidays, and nativity sets and other figurines make excellent accents to serving tables and other areas of the home. These decorations help to make these areas more attractive and add to the festive holiday atmosphere.

Because snow happens so often around the winter holidays, the snowman has become a fun symbol of winter weather and the holidays. Snowman figurines are available in several different painted finishes and styles, so you will have a wide assortment from which to choose. It is very pretty to collect several snowmen in lots of different sizes, so that you can group them together in various ways. You might put a trio of them in the center of plates of holiday cookies and other desserts on the table if you are hosting a holiday open house, for example.

Other types of holiday statues are also available that would complement the aforementioned figures. You can find beautifully decorated wreaths, for example, that look lovely when placed on the wall or a tabletop. Several are available that have functional lights attached, in order to add color and sparkle to your holiday decorations. You could also go for a more unexpected holiday twist, by including some of the Nightmare Before Christmas holiday statues, in order to combine your favorite holidays of Christmas and Halloween together in a creative way.

Many collectors find that the easiest way to find these and other collectibles figures is to visit a fine collectibles website. Here you can see detailed images of each statue, along with specifics about decoration, size and price.

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