Take four drops underneath your tongue as regularly as wanted. Don’t contact the dropper on your lips or mouth.

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For bunnies, gerbils, cats, puppies, and different small animals, you can put 4 drops into your animal’s meals and water two times every day to help them relax even more.

You also can placed some onto your palms and wipe it onto their ear pads, over their lips and noses, and onto their foot pads.

If an animal does not like any of these spots, you may placed the drops into the palm of one hand, rub it onto the palm of your different hand, and stroke the animal similar to you are petting him/her.

In a barn, you may mist your horse’s stall, their grain, or even their hay. You can spray a few onto the palm of your hand and wipe it onto a horse’s muzzle. Putting it onto their meals would also work with llamas and alpacas.

For birds, you can positioned some into their consuming water. If there may be alcohol in the treatment, let the water sit in the outside approximately 10 minutes so the alcohol evaporates. You can also put a few drops onto a chicken’s skin right above the beak.

Questions about using flower essences or about the instructions for making them?

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