We’re now entering the busiest time of the year in terms of sports to invest in. The college football regular season is winding down, and the NFL is in the thick of the schedule having just wrapped up Week 10 with tonight’s MNF match-up between the Cowboys and Eagles.

The NBA is now entering its third week of play, and college hoops just picked up last week. A numerous amount of pre-season tournaments will be taking place through the Thanksgiving holiday, and it will offer the novice gambler many opportunities to dwindle its bankroll before conference play begins. Do not! I repeat, DO NOT just play a game early in the afternoon just to have action on it. Sure, you might win a few, but you could get caught up in a nasty chain of chasing if you falter from the onset. Pick your spots, and conserve your roll for when the real value starts to surface in a few weeks.  https://esportsrant.com/

However, there will be a few spots over the next few weeks where the linesmaker is just flat out wrong. With all the sports out there that need attention on a daily basis, some games slip through the cracks. It’s up to you and I to single out those positions and hammer them.

With College football playing out the last few weeks of the regular season before the heaping load of bowl games come piling in, take a step back and reflect upon what you have seen so far. Be sure to take a closer look at teams that got off to poor starts attributed mostly to their lack of experience. Most clubs now have at least nine, and maybe 10 games under their belts. This will help you with your College Bowl selections, and keep you that more in the green. All it takes is a little extra work.

Now that I’m done playing the role as your gambling shrink, I wanted to talk a little NFL football, specifically the NFC.

The Seattle Seahawks and Carolina Panthers currently boast the best mark in the conference with 7-2 marks. Carolina has now rattled off six straight wins after opening up the season 1-2, and travel to Chicago to take on the NFC North leading Bears. Seattle has gotten over the St. Louis curse this season in impressive fashion having just taken the second of the year yesterday by a 31-16 count. These two squads are clearly the cream of the conference, and would be favored over any of the other division contenders in the playoffs.

The NY Giants currently hold a one game lead over Dallas in terms of record, but the Cowboys own the tiebreaker as of now with their Week 6 OT win. This division is entirely up for grabs since the Eagles only find themselves out by two games with tonight’s MNF outcome still in doubt.

The Chicago Bears hold a commanding two-game lead over both Minnesota and Detroit right now, but the next month could see that lead dwindle. They’re upon the toughest segment of their schedule, and would be lucky to win just one game in my opinion. The entire division won this past Sunday, and that’s the first time that’s ever happened since the NFC North was established.

The NFC South currently sits in a logjam, but that will be fixed throughout the next two months of play. Not one of these teams has played three divisional games yet, so it’s safe to say this picture will look a while lot clearer in a month or so.

All in all, the only division that looks to be wrapped up is the NFC West, which is by far the worst division in pro football. The NFC North could look a whole lot different in about a month, and there’s no doubt the NFC South will as well. The NFC East looks like it will continue to be jumbled the rest of the way as all four of the divisions members just look so equal on paper.

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