When asked what his dream car would be, my father has always answered in exactly the same way, without fail; the Jaguar E-Type. Not just any old Jaguar E-Type though, it would have to be in the classic British Racing Green, with a beige leather interior and wire spoke wheels. Developed in the 1960’s the E-Type is undoubtedly a thing of beauty, ranking first place in the March 2008 list of the one hundred most beautiful cars, produced by the Daily Telegraph. It is also, however, an extremely powerful car ranging from a 3.8 litre engine in the Series 1 up to a 5.3 litre V12 in the Series three. The Jaguar E-type was a real life beauty and the beast and the model was a huge success for Jaguar, selling over seventy thousand of them during its lifespan. Dailyjaguar.com

As it happens, we live just down the road from a prestige car garage and my dad is often poking around up there, looking for ‘his car’, but he has never been able to find an E-type up there that fits his set parameters, though they have had some lovely models from time to time. However, there is a new kid on the block that will make any car fan, not just the E-type fans, get a bit hot under the collar.

The Eagle Speedster is a brand new development, designed to bring new life into the old classic and at 1008kg with 340ft/lb of torque, it certainly has a whole lot of life. The Eagle Speedster ‘Black Cognac’ is based on the old “Lightweight” model that Jaguar produced out of Aluminium with the sole purpose of being a racing car whereas ‘Number 1’ is more like an updated version of the 1960’s original, with details and finishing that have stayed faithful to the design. The power delivery on this machine is absolutely amazing and the handling, which is often the let down of cars of this class, is immaculately precise.

The Number 1 has been fitted with the standard Eagle 4.7 litre engine, which has been paired up with a five speed gear box and specially engineered sports suspension. Of course, all the tried, tested and reliable Eagle upgrades are available as well.

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