If you want to travel to Indonesia, you should begin planning now in order to make the most of your time in this country. Before you leave, you should know where to visit, facts about currency, and what form of money to bring. Knowing ahead of time will allow you to know whether you should bring items like traveler’s checks, a prepaid debit card, or a wallet large enough to hold all the cash you will need.

This country is located in Southeast Asia, and the main areas that most people travel to include Bali and Jakarta. No matter where you decide to head in this nation, be prepared for the constant humidity and warmth, as well as lots of rain from about November to March. If you want to be in a giant city with plenty of people, pick Jakarta for your destination, but if diving is your hope, Manado is the place to be. If it is culture you seek, check out Yogyakarta in the region of Java. If you want to see giant reptiles, Komodo National Park is located on three of the nation’s islands, and is exciting to many visitors since the Komodo dragon lives here. https://rupiah138.xn--6frz82g/

Of course, most attractions in this country require some money, so it is nice to know that the currency is the rupiah. You can exchange money at banks and with official money changers, but be sure to do it in larger cities with plenty of people since it will be difficult and expensive to do elsewhere in Indonesia. If you do not want to deal with cash much, you have the ability to send money to Indonesia on a prepaid debit card before you even leave your home.

Cash is taken everywhere, just like in any other country, but it is easy to lose it while on vacation. You will also need to exchange your dollars for rupiah if you bring in money. Instead, send money to Indonesia using a prepaid debit card, which works just like a standard debit card except that you can add as much money as you need at one time. Of course, cards are mostly only accepted for payment in large areas like Bali and Jakarta. You can find ATMs, however, in Medan, Surabaya, Bandung, and most other cities in this country. Here, you can get cash out in the form of rupiah so you do not need to exchange money on your own.

You can use traveler’s checks in this country at banks, hotels, and most major stores, but you will need to show your passport. You might choose to bring some cash, a prepaid debit card, and traveler’s checks with you to this nation, or you can plan ahead and send money to Indonesia on a card before you even leave. Either way, a vacation in Indonesia can be best enjoyed when you are prepared.


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