Imagine the fun of taking your toddler to gymnastics in San Antonio when she is only eighteen months of age. They enjoy play with others in the relaxed atmosphere. This class includes the parent along with them. The child begins to develop gross motor skills and has the parent right next to her, which provides advisable emotional security at this early age. Although it is non-competitive, the little ones do benefit from some interaction with each other.

Then at the age of two, she can participate in a class in movements to advance the skills. Three year olds and four year olds go on to a more advanced and independent class.

When you search for a gymnastics academy look at the basis of the coaching and teaching staff. Require information about the qualifications of the dance teachers and gymnastics coaches. Did they participate on a National and/or International level? Select carefully because a child’s first exposure to these endeavors is crucial. It must be a fine balance of enjoyment and correct performance.

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