For business degrees, the masters and bachelors programs remain very popular. The Masters in Business Administration (MBA) for example has become a requirement for most mid-level managers. This means that more business professionals are seeking to get higher qualifications and are doing so through online programs. It also means that more graduate schools are offering online MBA programs. Concentrations such as accounting, project management, risk management, human resource management and finance are capturing the interests of the students.

In the health care profession, certain areas continue to grown yet there the number of trained professionals is still below the target. Nursing, medical billing, medical coding and medical transcription are just some of the niche areas in health care that continue to experience shortages. Forensic nursing, life care planning, and legal nurse consulting careers are examples of areas in nursing that continue to experience the highest interest. Much of this interest has been generated by technological advancement in health care and the retirement of the aging baby boomer population.

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