The music industry is dealing the issue of copyright infringement with heavy hand. If you are running a business and you are unaware of proper licensing of copyrighted music, you may face hard time at the hands of music industries. A series of crackdown recently on more than two dozen venues in Seattle is serving as an alarm for the perpetrators of copyright violation. The persons arrested in the raid had failed to pay royalties on the music they were caught playing. In certain instances, it is often seen that a manager or a business owner plays music in his venue. Sometimes, he considers implementing the music on hold. It is highly advisable for him to check that the music he has been using is licensed. Otherwise, it would be considered an illegal use of copyrighted music and he may even invite legal action against him.

The American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP) is of the opinion that several work venues have been using copyrighted music without having any valid permission. Forced by the state of affairs, ASCAP has decided to pursue local businesses that have been playing copyrighted music without payment or permission. The website belonging to ASCAP categorically emphasizes that music that is played outside the direct circle of friends and family will be considered a public performance. This limitation includes restaurants and pubs playing background music that is commonly known as in store music, music on hold over phone lines and DJs giving live performances. Fortunately, there are options open for you to enjoy the music of your choice without paying anything that would make hole in your pockets. Through the less expensive option of Royalty Free Music, you can implement music on hold or you can play music in your own venues. As a rule, most of the music licenses require to pay royalties at regular intervals. However, some websites offer 100% royalty free music for a low one-time fee. Once you become a purchaser of royalty free music, you can use the music at your will.

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