Whether you are a new or an experienced wholesaler, it is always tempting to order bulk wholesale products based on low pricing alone. But, pricing can not be the only criteria before placing a bulk order; at times low prices mean low quality as well. It is important to know what kind of quality you are looking for in the wholesale products.

There are several methods to check the quality before you place bulk orders so that your customers will get superior products. Let s see why quality check is a must when you are buying from a wholesale supplier.

To protect Business Repute:Quality check before placing bulk orders is of prime importance for maintaining your wholesale business repute. You can ask your wholesale supplier to send you product samples to see the quality of the product. If the samples do not meet your standards, it means you should not place any orders with that supplier. Selling substandard product means that your business reputation will suffer for a long time, and this is a damage that will take some time before going away.

To Retain Current Customers:If you want to hold your existing wholesale customers, you should not go for low quality products. It is important because you understand the demands of your customers and to retain these customers it is essential to provide them the quality they are looking for. You can not retain any of them if you start selling low quality items. Also, you will not be able to get a pool of loyal customers.

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