You’ll have to enter the corresponding information on each extension to make your ads work towards your original campaign advertising goals. We’ll detail how to set up each extension for each advertising goal in a following chapter, so let’s proceed by clicking on “save and go to the next step”.

Budget & Bids

Here is where you can make the final adjustments to your budget, and where you manage your bids. The “campaign budget” section features the same configuration options present in the first step, so if you want to make changes to your original budget plan, this is the time.

In the “bid strategy” section, you’ll be able to choose how to set up your bids. With “manual CPC” you’ll be able to manually set a fixed amount to spend on each bid, and with “enhanced CPC” you’ll be able to let the system adjust each bid for you, so you can get more conversions. Note that the amount of the bids can get high if your competitors are entering higher than usual bids.

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