Segway is the choice of the starts too. Brad Pitt, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Will Smith all have one as does Jerry Scotti, Roberto Cavalli and Berlusconi (thanks to a present from George Bush). However, the Segway ™PT isn t a fashion accessory, it s a radically new way of moving. It moves in harmony with its rider. It s the only means of transport that s self-balancing. Based on exclusive Segway™Smart Motion™ technology it has a highly sophisticated system of microprocessors, sensors and giroscopes which allow it to capture even the most subtle posture variations of the driver, adapting direction and speed accordingly. It s silent, safe and ecological, as it works with rechargeable lithium–ion batteries. The cost is about a third of the price of a medium sized car – SRP 5.000 – 6.000 Euros + VAT. There are no petrol or diesel costs, the Segway is tax exempt and will keep its value for five years (as opposed to a car which starts losing its value as soon as it s driven out of the show room). It can be parked anywhere and is theft-proof thanks to the Info Key Controller which, upon tampering will deactivate and sound an alarm rendering it unuseable.

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