Leave the “individual budget” option checked if you intend to use said amount for this specific campaign only, or check the “apply a budget from your shared library” option if you plan to use a fixed budget amount pulled from your campaign library.

Hit the “Daily budget options” button below. Select “standard” if you plan to spend your budget evenly through the day, or select “accelerated” if you prefer to spend your budget as quickly as possible. Next, select the language of the websites where your ads will be served, and the “locations” where to show your ads to people.

Select between your default region, all the available regions to show your ad, or select the “let me choose specific locations” option to manually search and target other, more specific locations. In the “who should see your ads?” section, you can select whether to show your ads only to “people in your targeted locations” or to “people searching or viewing pages about your targeted locations.”

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