Ad groups & keywords

Now, let’s create your ad groups and your keywords. Enter the business website or the landing page URL that you’ll be using within this ad group in the corresponding field. If you don’t have a website or landing page prepared yet, check the “my website is not ready” box.

Enter a name for your ad group in the “ad group name,” and enter your keywords in the field below. You have to separate each keyword with commas, or by writing one keyword per line of text. You’ll notice that keyword suggestions will start to appear on your right based on the text in your website address and the names of products and services that you enter in the keywords field.

This is ok, and you don’t have to worry about it. You can use the suggested keywords if you see them fitting for your campaign. Click on “add new ad group” if you want to create a different ad group to target a different set of keywords. When you are done creating your ad groups, click on “save and go to the next step”.

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