Cougars are classed as women aged 30, 40 or even 50 years old that like to date younger men. Age-gap dating works well as a relationship dynamic because older women enjoy spending time with young and fun partners and conversely younger men get to enjoy skilled and well experienced women who tend not to be into playing games and are not generally after marriage or a serious relationship.

Younger men who try dating someone older for the first time can get hooked into cougar dating from the get-go. They may be used to younger girls who can often be difficult and perhaps more immature in their outlook. With their life experience and knowledge from their past relationships older women / cougars will often be more easy going, open minded and able to communicate exactly what they want as well as offering a stable relationship to enjoy and let develop.

Here are some tips on how to find local cougars to date

Know How to Recognize Local Cougars

The term ‘cougar’ is usually referring to a woman who is more than 35 years of age. There is a stereotype of meeting them out in bars ‘on the prowl’ and while this may sometimes be true it’s best to check that she’s not wearing a wedding ring before approaching them! If you are ready to take the plunge and approach them to say hello try to remember what type of man they are looking for. Someone fun, exciting and full of energy but also someone who is interested in her as a person. Keep good eye contact and keep smiling more importantly!

Be Well Groomed

Of course, no one likes to be approached by someone who isn’t looking their best. You will mostly find cougar women know how to look good and take a lot of pride in their appearance so make sure you do the same! Cougars will often think that when your appearance is untidy or messy, your whole personality is unreliable and messy. On that note there is nothing wrong with your goatee, but ensure it is well trimmed.

Wear Proper Clothing

Don’t confuse cougars being vain with wanting to look their best, they may be older than 40 but they know how to keep up with women in their 20’s and 30’s when it comes to fashion and keeping in shape. They are not only young on the inside but increasingly young on the outside. In the same way they will be attracted to younger men who have a similar interest in keeping up with fashion. It may sound funny but in dating younger men she may well be wanting to have a bit of eye candy to show off to her friends and family. so the message is dress to impress stylishly and take care of your physical fitness, hitting the gym a few times a week and being in great shape could be the difference between hitting it off with the cougar of your dreams and being blown out!


Ask the help of a girlfriend and take her with you when shopping a perfume or cologne. As a whole, you want something pleasant and subtle, steer clear of anything overbearing or over powerful which means not overdoing it and spraying too much in the hope it will be attractive, that approach can seriously backfire if you’re not careful.

Don’t Be Shy Take Action

Cougar women are very confident and actually often will be the ones introducing themselves and approaching the younger men they have set their sights on. However there is still plenty of room for younger men and cubs to be the ones taking the initiative and approaching cougars themselves. There will always be a place for a bit of chivalry and despite their fiery reputation when you are looking to date a cougar you be open and friendly, offer to buy them a drink, be direct, don’t mishandle your words and you may well find you will be going home with them at the end of the night.

So in conclusion finding local cougars to date is easy if you know how and where to start. In many ways the best place to look for them is on a free cougar dating site. You will often quickly find single older women in your local area and be able to sift through potential matches according to your taste from their appearance, interests and other relevant criteria. In the same way as our advice aims to help in bars and face to face meetings, make sure you get the ball rolling, send messages and get in touch, new relationships and connections don’t make themselves so get cracking and be ready to meet the cougar or older woman of your dreams.

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