The purpose of writing a review for the internet is to help someone make a buying decision about a particular product. It might be your product or someone else’s, but your review should give them the impetus, that little nudge they need to go ahead and make the purchase.

Writing an internet review is not like making a recommendation to a friend. Your friend knows you and knows whether to trust you. The internet reader does not know you and does not know whether to trust you. This brings up three important factors to gain a reader’s trust: Your credentials, your emphasis, your reasons.

1) Your credentials: Surprisingly, your credentials are not very important to the reader. In fact, telling the reader all about your expertise and experience with the product or service you are recommending might bore or otherwise turn off the reader. He wants to know about the product, not about you.

2) Your emphasis: When you recommend something to a friend, let’s say you’re recommending a new pizza place down the street, you’re likely to be emphatic about it. “You gotta try it! Best pizza in town!” The internet reader, however, might be put off by this. You sound pushy, too much hype. Remember, this is a review, not an overt advertisement.

3) Your reasons: This is what the reader wants to know. Why should he buy the product. He wouldn’t be reading your review if he wasn’t considering it. Now is the time for you give the reader reasons to buy. Anticipate any objections and address them in a non-argumentative manner. Mention any minor negatives to the product and minimize them. Remember, the reader wants to buy, he just needs a good reason.

Above all, when writing a review that’s meant to persuade someone to buy, be scrupulously honest. You’ll want to build a name for yourself and eventually gain a following of people who trust you. One lie, even a small one, can ruin that in an instant. But make no mistake, writing reviews for the internet can be lucrative if you know how to get started.

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