I admit it, I’m 32 and I am still afraid of the doctor. As such, I have delayed going to see “The Man In The White Coat” on countless occasions. Vitamins, duct tape, superglue and guts…those are just a few of the weapons in my anti-hipocratic arsenal.

True, my home remedies may be suspect, but I’ve turned to them in order to avoid the unpleasantries I associate with a Doctor’s visit: the endless and mind-numbing waiting room, the cold stethoscope and the gag-inducing popsicle stick, so carelessly thrust into my mouth.Unfortunately, my homemade homeotherapy couldn’t save me this time.  https://usmedicoabroad.com/

After 5 days of stomach pain, nausea and high fever, I reluctantly paid “El Doctor” a visit this week. I went to my neighborhood clinic, Clinica Eintein (Via Argentina) without an appointment. I was met by a not-so-polite younger secretary who then directed me to an older, far more pleasant secretary. I filled out the requisite paperwork, asked to speak to a Doc in General Medicine and was of course, seated.

Only a few minutes after flipping through some shamelessly out of date magazines I was attended by a kind looking, bearded “Medico”. I was pleased that he looked so much like a wise Jewish Doctor from movies and television…I hoped he played the part as well as he looked the part.A few questions in the Doc’s perfect English to address my symptoms and then some poking and prodding, along with the requisite popsickle stick and cold stethoscope routine and phase 1 was complete. Next gave some blood and other samples not to be named here, and was told to return in an hour for the lab results.

Home for a cat nap and Fox News fix, then back to the Clinic. I was again greeted and seated by the taciturn young secretary (was it my breath?) and within a few short minutes of people watching, the Doctor rendered his verdict. “No virus, no parasite…probably just a terrible case of food poisoning.” I sighed with relief.In summary: $50 for the doctor’s visit, $5.50 for the prescription to help my stomach re-stabilize the “good bacteria” and minimal waiting for a very kind and thorough Doc. A+ experience. Total time — 3 hours. Thank’s Clinica Einstein for helping me overcome my medico-phobia…but I never did get a damn lolipop!


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